Lets cook sessions

Cooking for fun and the future

The Let’s Cook sessions were a great success where many families throughout the year had the opportunity to learn how to cook nutritious meals. The families tried out different fruit and veg that perhaps the children had not tried before. Each family completed a folder of the work they have done over the year. Recipes and ideas were swapped and at home the children were encouraged to do skipping as a free and healthy exercise.

Meals From Cooking Courses

Learn how to make great tasty food

Here are a selection of the meals that were cooked.

  • In one particular class the homemade pizza ring was cooked by starting with the pastry base and topped with sausage, tomatoes, grated cheese and onion and garnished with green salad – enjoyed by all.
  • Another session focused on how to cook pasta dishes which could be taken home and shared by everyone.
  • Other dishes made over the course of weeks included making kebabs with a variety of ingredients.
  • A new dish which many people had never made before included a beetroot and onion salad dish.

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