The Bus Stop Club

Susan and Mary at the Royal Garden Party in May

This year Susan was invited to the Royal Garden Party by the Lord Leiutenant Mrs Pitt-Rivers.  She is familiar with the work of the Bus Stop Club charity and has visited us at the Turbary Resource Centre, where we run activities like our weekly Job Club, Community Cafe, 1:1 support for parents, help with debt and budgeting, craft and I.T. access.

The Bus Stop Club

Susan and Mary at the Royal Garden Party

When Susan received the phone call – it being a total surprise – her first thought was – ‘what shall I wear?’ and then ‘who will I take with me?’

Mary, the secretary of the Management Committee kindly agreed to go.  Mary wanted to make it a special occasion for them, so she booked them into a hotel the night before!  On the day, the weather was not at its best, but they had enough sunshine to enjoy the occasion.  Her Majesty the Queen was in attendance with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, and other members of the Royal family.

Tea sandwiches and cakes, with tubs of strawberry ice cream were the order of the day – lovely!  Susan and Mary were not chosen to speak to anyone (a bit of a relief!) but they enjoyed being there and meeting other people, also actively involved in their communities.