Team step over the edge

The day finally arrived and with well over fifty people gathered together at St. Mary’s Church Ferndown. We all stepped over the edge of the church tower to raise money for our charity and the Beacon Café. Mind you, we did it in groups of ten and we had such good weather – the sun was shining and not a drop of rain in sight.

There was plenty of adventurous spirit and some nervous laughter. It was amazing to see people having a go even though some people were a wee bit apprehensive having never abseiled before. I can safely say that the company Dave Talbot (adventure events) took great care in explaining everything step by step.

As one sponsor said ‘I’m doing this to raise money for families who need support, I’m a little gran in her 60’s who hates heights, but loves people’. Thank you to all who sponsored the people taking part – it will make a big difference to local families in the area.