About the Bus Stop Club

Bus Stop Club – Hope Church, Corbin Avenue.

The Bus Stop Club aims to support families with children at school who live on and around Heatherlands. We provide listening for parents, family fun, homework support and host parenting classes.

Susan Sutherland is the Project Co-ordinator.

What do we do at Bus Stop Club?

Family Fun drop in sessions – On Wednesdays local families can come in after school and spend time socialising and spending time with their own children.

All enjoy drinks and biccies.

The children can create with lego, enjoy the play mobile equipment,  do puzzles, draw and make sticky pictures.

Friday mornings walks – Several of us get together for a walk on the heath land and then back for a cuppa before preparing for the Caff opening at 4:30.

Families have been able to try out different fruit and veg that perhaps the children have not tried before. Each family has completed a folder of the work they have done over the year. Recipes and ideas are swapped and at home the children are encouraged to do skipping as a free and healthy exercise.

For further info speak to Susan or phone / text 07866 692528.